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Above The Law Covid Cast

May 13, 2020

While the pandemic has delivered immediate economic harm across industries, the next big hit for businesses may not be readily apparent. Legal departments, by and large, lack the deep understanding of their own contracts needed to maximize revenue and minimize costs and disruptions. Joe and Kathryn chat with Mark Harris, CEO of Knowable about his recent open letter to in-house counsel laying out this threat and the importance of contract analytics tools to getting ahead of it.


  • Measures from big law firms - 0:42
  • Ways in which businesses are not understanding the effects of the contracts' impact - 3:06
  • What is Knowable - 3:52
  • Companies and commercial contracts - 4:44
  • What Knowable does to solve contract problems - 7:00
  • Companies obsessed with data - 9:11
  • Contracts and big data - 11:38
  • The impact of the crisis - 12:57
  • Moving forward to offer solutions - 17:56
  • Losing jobs - 19:52
  • Navigating a new reality - 23:52
  • Building a data pack - 28:00

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