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Above The Law Covid Cast

Jul 9, 2020

Kathryn and Joe welcome Megan McKenzie of Balestriere Fariello to help them brush up on the constitutional law issues at play in the pandemic. Whether you just need a Con Law refresher or just some talking points for dealing with non-lawyer relatives, they are going through some of the big legal issues looming over the COVID-19 response.



  • Studying Con Law - 2:07
  • Megan’s thoughts - 3:42
  • Megan’s story as a legal practitioner - 4:24
  • Wearing masks - 6:12
  • The Federal government making noise - 11:06
  • Trying to protect citizens from the virus - 13:57
  • Wearing masks in grocery stores - 16:37
  • States have the ability to protect public health - 20:25


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