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Above The Law Covid Cast

Jul 23, 2020

Joe and Kathryn check in on how the Fall semester of law school is shaping up. With COVID looming over the beginning of the school year, many law schools are going to continue fully remote learning. Several schools have also made it clear that they won't be offering any discounts on tuition. Is this fair? While there's a lot of consternation out there, it probably is justified. But don't think we're letting law schools off the hook for some of the other bad decisions they're announcing.



  • What’s going on with law schools with the pandemic - 1:09
  • Not to cut out tuition - 1:32
  • You aren’t buying the educational experience - 3:34
  • Schools have to pay their teachers - 4:14
  • Thinking like a lawyer - 7:41
  • Law schools are so expensive - 10:33
  • Learning remotely - 13:41
  • Seeing other people go crazy - 17:04
  • Diversifying the industry - 21:24
  • Identifying top vs middle - 22:05
  • The show must go on - 26:00


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