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Above The Law Covid Cast

Jun 25, 2020

Jack Newton, founder, and CEO of Clio joins us to discuss findings compiled by the practice management platform and brings some welcome news: law firms have seen an uptick in new matters. While the industry is still suffering from the pandemic, there are signs that things are getting back on track and clients are recognizing that -- even from home -- attorneys are still at work.



  • Insights about COVID_19 impacts the legal profession - 1:10
  • The founder and CEO of Clio - 1:30
  • Users of the Clio platform - 2:29
  • Lawyers concern - 8:38
  • The COVID_19 crisis - 10:35
  • Practice areas that proven to be very resilient - 17:16
  • An aggressive social distancing - 20:44
  • Resources that Clio is able to provide - 23:29
  • Acceleration of technology - 24:11
  • The long term impact of COVID_19 in the legal industry - 26:13


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