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Above The Law Covid Cast

Aug 20, 2020

Joe and Kathryn talk with Chris Chapman, CEO of AccessLex, about their study on the components of a successful online legal education environment. They discuss the scope of online and/or hybrid models of legal education, the key features of a good online law school learning environment, which technology is essential, and the potential pitfalls of online law school.



  • Distance learning and law schools - 1:27
  • Online legal education - 4:33
  • Technology is the baseline - 5:54
  • One of the critical factors to access - 7:18
  • Teaching online is different - 8:25
  • The world is changing - 11:21
  • Legal education right now - 16:12
  • People believing this is temporary - 17:00
  • Everybody believes their program is unique - 20:01
  • Do not pretend that this is going to be over in November - 25:01


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