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Above The Law Covid Cast

Aug 6, 2020

With everyone working from home, firms face new security risks they probably weren't prepared for. Joe and Kathryn check in with Brian Schrader, CEO of eDiscovery and digital forensics firm BIA, about working from home, the new vectors of discoverable data being created by COVID, and the importance of training everyone to, well, not do dumb things with their computers.



  • The accessibility of data - 3:04
  • People working from home - 4:37
  • Security risks from working from different environments - 6:41
  • Instructing people how to use and store data - 8:49
  • New discoverable information - 10:53
  • Education and cybersecurity - 13:57
  • The importance of being diligent - 16:07
  • The construction litigation - 21:02
  • Some challenges of collecting data - 22:00


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