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Above The Law Covid Cast

Jun 10, 2020

Joe and Kathryn talk to Marty Festenstein and Kristin Cerutti of NELSON Worldwide about the design of traditional law firms and how that model will be changed in the aftermath of COVID-19. They also discuss what trends are coming as a result of the pandemic, and some changes that most businesses are embracing that just won't work for law firms, as well as exploring the question: how is the pandemic going to accelerate firms making changes?


  • What is normal? - 1:11
  • How offices could be changing - 1:37
  • Traditional law office design - 2:20
  • Space that could be more flexible - 4:12
  • The idea of control - 6:33
  • Addressing COVID_19 - 13:30
  • Less large costly changes - 15:59
  • Changes happening in response to COVID_19 - 17:04
  • The context of technology - 21:15


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