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Above The Law Covid Cast

Aug 13, 2020

In Pennsylvania, an attorney was barred from the courthouse because she'd been exposed to someone with COVID. But where do we draw the line before we intrude on people's ability to be represented by counsel of choice? And what rules do we place on mandatory video conference hearings to maintain fairness? All that and a discussion of the latest developments with managing bar exams around the country.



  • A case in Pennsylvania - 2:25
  • Being exposed to COVID - 4:24
  • What is the standard? - 5:50
  • We need clear standards - 6:23
  • A violation of privacy - 10:38
  • Being worried about the situation - 16:50
  • What judges need to start considering - 17:50
  • Each court system needs to act together - 18:53
  • States that are doing the worst - 21:38

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