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Above The Law Covid Cast

Jun 17, 2020

With the new year looming, and no reason to believe COVID will be gone, how are students feeling? Harvard Law is going online next semester and across the country, and according to a new survey from TestMax, many law students and prospective law students are rethinking law school under those conditions. Joe and Kathryn talk with TestMax founder Mehran Ebadolahi about the survey results and his thoughts on how COVID might usher in lasting changes to the law school model.



  • A survey about students’ long-term plans - 1:33
  • What motivated test max to make the survey - 1:59
  • Online education is in Zoom - 7:35
  • What the survey highlights - 10:54
  • How law schools can respond - 14:22
  • The networking ability - 15:29
  • Do law schools train you? - 18:09
  • Education is the path to the middle class - 21:09


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